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Please read the following support issues to try and resolve your issue. If one of these solutions do not assist you then please fill out the HelpDesk Request form by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

I do not have my PIN Password to create my Entrata account…..
You will have to visit Student Services at one of our campuses or call the helpdesk, visit iecc.edu/helpdesk for the phone numbers. We cannot provide PINS through the support form or email.

I have created my Entrata account but cannot login….
You will use your Generated ID and PIN/Password ONLY the first time you login to Entrata to create your account. From that point on you will use the UserID generated for you by Entrata and the password you set when creating your account.

I know my UserID and Password but it still won’t work….
Your userid is made up of your last name and the first initial of your first name. Example: Jane Doe’s user name would be doej or possibly doej1*.
*Sometimes there is more than one person with the same last name and first initial doej so therefore a number is added to the userid
If you have forgotten your userid please use this link to look it up UserID Lookup.

Your password is what you set when you created your Entrata account. If you have forgotten your password please request assistance using the form below.

Remember you should type your UserID in all lowercase and your password exactly in the same case as when you created your Entrata account.

I receive an "Access Denied" message once I log into Entrata….
You must have cookies enabled on your web browser and set acceptance of cookies on the "default" level.

I can access Entrata, but when I access Banner Web for my grades or transcript it gives me an error code E205….
You need to have your account reset. First try going to “account settings” in Entrata and reset or resubmit your question and answer, then try to access the Banner Web again. If this does not work then please request assistance using the form below.

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